• Sturdy Fodder Bell

    Product Code: 558-A

    Is your fodder getting ruined by rain?

    Is your hay or silage being spread around your field by your animals?

    Is it being trampled into the wet mud, ruining it? Minimise wastage, use the Sturdy Fodder Bell.

    The Sturdy Fodder Bell is designed to help keep fodder dry while out in an open field. The Fodder Bell can be fixed to the ground with large pegs driven into the ground, this keeps the product from being moved around.

    The Fodder Bell can be used for horses, cattle or sheep. The sides of the product are flexible enough to allow animals push further into the feeder.

    The size of the product accommodates one circular fodder bale or a fodder stack. The feed is contained within the product so it is not spread around the field. The Fodder Bell can be moved around the field occasionally so the ground is not ruined in one area.

    There are 10 feeding stations for the sheep model, and 4 for the horse model, with a lifting eye on the top for ease of placement. The number of feeding stations can change at your request

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    Sturdy Fodder Bell
    Sturdy Fodder Bell