• Sturdy Farm Tipping Wheelbarrow

    Product Code: 338-A

    The Sturdy Farm Tipping Wheelbarrow is ideal for farm use for transporting large amounts of material.  The barrow is perfectly balanced so even when fully loaded it is easy to lift and tip.  It comes complete with plastic handles and a galvanised frame.  Two pumped wheels allow for ease of movement.  The smooth interior allows the wheelbarrow to be cleaned with ease.

    When fully loaded and upon the release of the locking mechanism the contents can be easily emptied by a simple tipping movement. 

    As an optional extra your company name or logo can be printed on the side of the Farm Tipping Wheelbarrow to help promote your company.

    Please note that the Operators Box shown on the Wheelbarrows in our Image Gallery does not come as standard on the product. This must be ordered as an optional extra.

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    Sturdy Farm Tipping Wheelbarrow
    Sturdy Farm Tipping WheelbarrowSturdy Farm Tipping WheelbarrowSturdy Farm Tipping Wheelbarrow