• Sturdy Drinking Trough 40gal

    Product Code: 015-A

    The Sturdy Drinking Trough 40gal is strong and resistant to abuse from livestock.  It will not rust and it is not affected by frost.  The trough is light weight and has a side grip to help while carrying.  It has a low drinking height so horses can reach the water easily. The trough has a smooth interior for ease of cleaning.  The ballcock and valve in the 40gal Drinking Trough are well protected by in-built cowling.  It is designed with well rounded edges that ensures the animals safety. 

    The 40gal Drinking Trough is available in black as standard.

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    Sturdy Drinking Trough 40gal
    Sturdy Drinking Trough 40galSturdy Drinking Trough 40gal