• Sturdy Polystore Pellet Storage Tank- 1 Tonne

    Product Code: 426-A

    The Polystore can be used for the storage of wood pellets for heating or for animal feed pellets.

    Volatile oil prices as well as an increased environmental awareness have brought carbon neutral bio fuels such as wood and miscanthus pellets to the fore.   Wood pellets are a clean, safe source of renewable energy.  Their high energy density makes them more efficient than most fossil fuels. 

    The Sturdy Polystore Pellet Storage Tank- 1 Tonne ensures that its contents remain dry for the entire storage cycle.  The tank can be filled by a delivery truck using the cam fitting provided and a second cam fitting allows a dust filter to be fitted.  It can also be filled manually.  If greater capacity is required the units can be modularised. They align side by side and allow an auger to run through the extraction area.  An internal rubber baffle prevents the pellets from being damaged when bulk filling.   A mushroom vent on the Polystore roof prevents the build up of moisture by allowing any warm air to escape keeping the stored material dry. 

    The Sturdy Polystore Pellet Storage Tank- 1 Tonne is designed to fit through a standard doorway and can either be erected outside your home or in outhouses. Fitting the Polystore through a standard doorway is simple. Split the tank by lifting the body from the base. Bring the body and base separately through the doorway and re-assemble on the other side.  It is also designed for those who have the available space in a shed, garage or other adjoining building. 

    The pellet unit is manufactured for vacuum, auger and manual extraction.

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    Sturdy Polystore Pellet Storage Tank- 1 Tonne
    Sturdy Polystore Pellet Storage Tank- 1 Tonne